I first discovered my passion for photography while spending an evening walking the Ventura Pier.  The sand was glowing a golden hue with the blinding sun reflecting on the calm, comforting waves.  A little boy curiously walked out to play in the water, and I noticed his shadow stretch across the sand in a very peculiar way.  His stance was timid, but his shadow was standing tall - both curious of the ocean.  I snapped a photo of the boy just before his parents walked in frame; reviewed the photo on the camera and was hit with an emotion of artistic expression I haven’t yet felt. 

This opened my eyes to a new way of documenting reality.  

My goal with every photo I take is to capture the truest expressions of the subject. The expressions the most intimate relationships in your life know, but they have yet to capture.

My other sources of creativity include music & acting.  I’m in a group called PuffHost and get to create music & visuals with my best friends.

I'd love to hear your story! Shoot me a message on the 'contact' page to take this relationship to the next level..!