Booking for 2020/2021 has begun! I accept a limited number of weddings per year to maintain a high level of quality for my clients.

My style focuses on the storytelling of your day. I strive to capture the truest expression of the people and things of your special day.

I would love to buy you a cup of coffee and talk the details of your wedding day.

Congrats & I hope to meet you soon!


Where are you based?
Currently (as of Fall 2019) I’m based in Long Beach, Ca. I’ll be a full time resident of Nashville, Tn as of late November 2019!

Do you travel for weddings? 
Yes! Traveling is one of my truest passions, and something that has helped craft my shooting style. I’ve shot weddings & engagements all the way from Paris to Chicago, New York City to Seoul, South Korea! However far your destination may be, you’ll find me, creeping in the shadows with my cool mirrorless camera!

Do you offer custom packages for elopement and destination weddings?
I do! You can see a complete list of my packages below :)

Myke: “Oh, yes I see a hand in the back..! You in the BHLDN Vespertine Wedding Gown with pockets!”

Bride: “How would you describe your style? Cause like… we’re really into the photojournalist style. It looks like that’s your ‘thing’, but I also see some nice posed shots… Also, what’s your insta so I can send you pics that inspire me!?”
Myke: “Great question, bride! My insta is @mykewilkenphoto. As for style, I would say candid, honest and photojournalistic with a dash of humor and fine art. My photos will tell the story of what really happened at your celebration. You'll be able to relive your day again and again with a beautiful & honest series of photos that will never fade with time.”

Is your shooting style for everyone?
Nope. I strike a fine balance of being a fly on the wall and being hands on. Here's why: I love to let moments unfold naturally so that they're honest and unforced. However, to get intimate/beautiful/emotional shots I like to connect with my couples and their guests on a certain level. That means I’m going to be interacting with you like old friends. (ya know??)

Groom:Hi, um… I know I haven’t said much during this call, so you probably didn’t even know I was on the phone too, but I have a question… How many weddings have you shot?
Myke: “Oh geez… Currently… about 200.”

How many photos will we get in the end?
You’ll receive roughly 700-800 pics about 2 weeks after your wedding. I provide an online gallery link with downloadable, full resolution images for you to share with all your loved ones!

Do you photoshop your images? 
I use an Adobe program called Lightroom to edit all my wedding photos. It’s like photoshop, but makes it MUCH easier to edit large amounts of pics. Fully edited, cleaned up, pressed, knots massaged out, slapped on the butt & ready for your Thai takeout & bottle of 1996 Dom Perignon Rose Gold Methuselah viewing pleasure!

Do you bring backup gear? 

Do you shoot film? 
Upon request!

Do you make albums? 
Yes! I use Miller’s for all my album making. Prices upon request.

Should we do an engagement shoot?
Only if you want to spend an evening exploring a beautifully photogenic scenery you haven’t yet explored, listen to me tell really awkward jokes while I flip my hair to the side, grab a couple drinks after at the local neighborhood pub & talk about your honeymoon.


What is required to officially book you? 
Once you decide to move forward, I require a signed contract and 1/3 the total amount (rounded to the nearest $50) for the deposit.

What types of payment do you accept?
Venmo is preferred, but I also accept PayPal & Square Register (with 3% fee)

Can we meet you?
Would love that! Coffee date??

Do you shoot same sex couples? 
I shoot LOVE! If you’re in love, I’m there.

Will you cry at our wedding? 
Yes… but since I’m such an emotional artist, that means I understand emotion & know when to look out for it. So when YOU cry I’ll most def know when to SNAP a pic.


900. Elopement/Courthouse Wedding
- three hours of coverage
- downloadable online gallery
- all travel & tax included

- six hours of coverage
- downloadable online gallery
- all travel & tax included

- all day coverage - no time restraints
- downloadable online gallery
- all travel & tax included

- all day coverage - no time restraints
- engagement shoot
- online gallery
- all travel & tax included

- all day coverage - no time restraints
- engagement shoot
- additional Photographer day of wedding
- online gallery
- all travel & tax included

4000. Destination -> anywhere in the world
- 3 day coverage - no time restraints
- online gallery
- all travel, lodging, tax & meals included

300. Engagement Session
- 2 hour session
- 2 to 3 locations/outfit changes
- 100-200 edits
- bad jokes
- downloadable online gallery
- all travel & tax included

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